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View and Validate Templates

In Simulink® Project, use the Template Manager to:

  • View templates, including examples supplied with Simulink.

  • Locate template files.

  • Validate that a template is usable to create new projects.

  • Add folders to the template path to make templates accessible from the New Project dialog box.

  • Specify the templates to make visible in the Select a Template dialog box.

  1. To open the Template Manager, on the Simulink Project tab, in the Template section, click Manager.

  2. Click a template in the Templates pane to view the description of the template functions.

  3. Click the Files tab to inspect files and folders in the template.

  4. To add folders to the template search path, click Add path, then browse and select the folder containing templates. All templates in the folder appear in the list.

  5. Right-click a template and select Validate, or click Validate All. If the template is usable to create new projects, then the Template Manager displays Yes in the Validated column.

  6. Select the Visible check box to make the template visible in the Select a Template dialog box.

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