View a Model Reference Hierarchy

Simulink® provides tools and functions that you can use to examine a model reference hierarchy:

  • Content preview displays a representation of the contents of a referenced model, without opening the Model block. Content preview helps the user of a model understand at a glance the kind of processing performed by the referenced model. For details, see Enable for Model Blocks in "Preview Content of Hierarchical Items."

  • Model Dependency Viewer — Shows the structure the hierarchy lets you open constituent models. The Referenced Model Instances view displays Model blocks differently to indicate Normal, Accelerator, and PIL modes. See Model Dependency Viewer for more information.

  • view_mdlrefs function — Invokes the Model Dependency Viewer to display a graph of model reference dependencies.

  • find_mdlrefs function — Finds all models directly or indirectly referenced by a given model.

Display Version Numbers

To display the version numbers of the models referenced by a model, for the parent model, choose Display > Blocks > Block Version for Referenced Models. Simulink displays the version numbers in the icons of the corresponding Model block instances.

The version number displayed on a Model block icon refers to the version of the model used to either:

  • Create the block

  • Refresh the block most recently changed

See Manage Model Versions and Refresh Model Blocks for more information.

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