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What Can You Do With Project Shortcuts?

In Simulink® Project, use shortcuts to make it easy for any project user to find and access important files and operations. You can use shortcuts to make top models or scripts easier to find in a large project. You can group shortcuts to organize them by type and annotate them to use meaningful names instead of cryptic file names.

You can automate shortcuts to perform startup and shutdown tasks. Startup shortcuts help you set up the environment for your project. Shutdown shortcuts help you clean up the environment for the current project when you close it.

In the Shortcut Management view, you can execute, group, annotate, or automate shortcuts. You can specify Startup, Shutdown, or basic shortcuts.

  • Startup shortcuts run when you open your project.

  • Shutdown shortcuts run when you close your project.

  • Basic shortcuts run when you execute them manually from the context menu or Project Shortcuts tab in the toolstrip.

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