What Is Dependency Analysis?

Project Dependency Analysis

In Simulink® Project, you can analyze project structure and discover files required by your project in the Dependency Analysis view.

  • You can use dependency analysis to help you set up your project with all required files. For example, you can add a top-level model to your project, analyze the model dependencies, and then add all dependent files to your project. See Run Dependency Analysis.

  • You can run dependency analysis at any point in your workflow when you want to check that the project has all required files. For example, you can check dependencies before submitting a version of your project to source control. To work with results, see Check Dependency Results and Resolve Problems.

  • You can use the Impact graph view of a dependency analysis to analyze the structure of a project visually. You can perform impact analysis to find the impact of changing particular files. From the graph, you can examine your project structure and perform file operations such as adding labels and opening files. See Perform Impact Analysis.

  • You can search for requirements documents in a project. See Find Requirements Documents in a Project.

Model Dependency Analysis

Simulink Project can analyze file dependencies for your entire project. For detailed dependency analysis of a specific model, use the manifest tools to control more options. Use the manifest tools if you want to:

  • Save the list of the model dependencies to a manifest file.

  • Create a report to identify where dependencies arise.

  • Control the scope of dependency analysis.

  • Identify required toolboxes.

See Analyze Model Dependencies.

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