Variant Systems

Create custom model versions to support different specifications, without duplication

In Simulink®, you can create models that are based on a modular design platform that comprises a fixed common structure with a finite set of variable components. The variability helps you develop a single, fixed master design with variable components.

The approach helps you meet diverse customer requirements that are governed by application, cost, or operational considerations.

Variants are the variable components of modular design platforms. They help you specify multiple implementations of a model in a single, unified block diagram. For more information, see What Are Variants and When to Use Them.


Variant Subsystem Represent a subsystem with multiple subsystems
Variant Source Define variant choices as sources without requiring subsystems
Variant Sink Define variant choices as sinks without requiring subsystems
Model Variants Include model as block in another model


Simulink.Variant Specify conditions that control variant selection
Simulink.VariantConfigurationData Class representing a variant configurations data object
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