Annotate Models

Describe models by adding text and image annotations

Add text, images, TeX commands, and buttons that perform an action to your model to help others better understand the model. For an overview of how to create these types of annotations, see Describe Models Using Annotations. To learn about other techniques for improving model readability, see Adjust Visual Presentation to Improve Model Readability.


DocBlockCreate text that documents model and save text with model
Model InfoDisplay model properties and text in model


add_blockAdd block to model
docblockGet or set editor invoked by Simulink DocBlock
hilite_systemHighlight block, signal line, port, or annotation
getCallbackAnnotationGet annotation executing callback


Simulink.AnnotationSpecify properties of model annotation

Examples and How To

Describe Models Using Annotations

To help others to understand a model, add visual elements, such as descriptive text, images, or buttons that perform an action such as open a link.

Show or Hide Annotations

By converting an annotation to markup, you can control whether to hide or display it.

Add an Annotation Callback

Associate a callback with an annotation for when you load, delete, or click an annotation.

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