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3D World Editor Panes

The 3D World Editor provides three panes:

  • Tree structure pane — View the hierarchy for the virtual world that you are editing.

  • Virtual world display pane — Observe the virtual world as you create it.

  • Object property edit pane — Change values for node items.

Use the tree structure pane interactively to create graphical virtual world elements and to view of all the virtual world structure elements present in the virtual world. These structure elements are called nodes. The 3D World Editor lists the nodes and their properties according to their respective virtual world node types. In the tree viewer, you give the nodes unique names.

Use the virtual world display pane to display a graphical representation of a 3-D scene.

Use the object properties edit pane to edit a selected property or add a comment to a selected node or property.

Tree Structure Pane Icons

The Tree structure pane displays icons to help you visually distinguish node field types.

Node Field Type3D World Editor Icon

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