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Install Blaxxun Contact on Client Computer

Section Overview

In most configurations, you do not need to install a viewer on a client computer because you can perform all the tasks on a host computer. However, if you have very large models that consume considerable computational resources, you might want to use a client computer to run and view the virtual world.

The client computer must have a VRML97 plug-in with External Authoring Interface (EAR) support. This means that your client computer must be a PC platform with the Blaxxun Contact® plug-in. Only the Blaxxun Contact software is supported.

Install a Blaxxun Contact VRML Plug-In (Windows)

If you want to view a virtual world on a client computer, you need to use a Web browser with a VRML plug-in.

The Blaxxun Contact plug-in is provided with the Simulink® 3D Animation™ software, but you cannot install the Blaxxun Contact plug-in Version 4.4 on a client computer with the MathWorks® installer if you do not have this plug-in installed.

  • Copy the file blaxxuncontact44.exe from your host computer to the client computer. This file is located at C:\matlabroot\toolbox\sl3d\blaxxun.

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