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Choose a Viewer

Select host or client viewer

To view a virtual world, you can use:

  • The default Simulink® 3D Animation™ Viewer

  • The Simulink 3D Animation Web Viewer, to view a virtual world in an HTML5-enabled web browser

  • The Orbisnap browser (shipped with the Simulink 3D Animation software), to view a virtual world remotely from a client computer.

To change the default viewer, set a Simulink 3D Animation preference.


vrgetpref Values of Simulink 3D Animation preferences
vrsetpref Change Simulink 3D Animation preferences


Virtual World Viewers

Select a supported virtual world viewer.

Set the Default Viewer

If you have an HTML5-enabled web browser, you can view virtual worlds with either the default Simulink 3D Animation Viewer or your web browser.

Open a Viewer Window

When you simulate a model that contains a VR Sink block, your default viewer opens and displays the virtual scene.

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