Configure Frame Capture Parameters

This topic describes how to configure and capture a frame, using the vrplanets example as the example.

  1. In the MATLAB® Command Window, type


    at the MATLAB command prompt. The Planets example starts.

  2. From the Recording menu, choose Capture and Recording Parameters.

    The Capture and Recording Parameters dialog box is displayed.

  3. Find the Frame Capture section of the dialog. This is located at the top of the dialog.

    The file name %f_anim_%n.tif appears in the first text field, File.

  4. Leave this file name as is.

  5. In the File Format list, tif or png specify the graphic file format for the captured frame. The default is tif. For this procedure, leave this format setting at tif.

  6. You can disable the navigation panel. The navigation panel appears at the bottom of the virtual scene view. You might want to turn off this panel for a cleaner view of the virtual scene. Choose View > Navigation Panel > None.

    You can re-enable the Navigation Panel (for example, choose View > Navigation Panel > Halfbar) after you finish recording the .tif file.

  7. Click OK.

With this configuration, each subsequent capture of a scene in the same world increments the file name number (%n) and saves it in a tif file.

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