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Create and edit virtual reality world with a VRML editor

To create a virtual world, you can use the default virtual world editor, the 3D World Editor. For an example that shows the major steps for building a virtual world, see Create a Virtual World.

Use the editor to:

  • Create a hierarchy of nodes that define the elements of the virtual world and control the display of the virtual world.

  • Insert nodes from the 3D World Editor libraries of virtual world objects.

  • Enhance a virtual world with features such as sound, stereoscopic vision, and rendering optimizations.


vredit Open 3D World Editor


3D World Editor Edit virtual worlds for 3D animation


3D World Editor

The 3D World Editor is a built-in VRML and X3D editor.

Open the 3D World Editor

When you install the Simulink® 3D Animation™ product, the 3D World Editor is the default editor.

3D World Editor Panes

Use the 3D World Editor to view the hierarchy of a virtual world, view the virtual world as you edit it, and change object properties.

Create a Virtual World

Create a virtual world by opening a new virtual world 3D file and adding a ROOT node with a Transform node that includes other nodes, such as Shape and Geometry nodes. Define properties for the nodes.

Basic Editing

Use the 3D World Editor for common tasks involved in creating a virtual world, such as adding objects, editing object properties, and copying and pasting nodes.

Virtual World Data Types

Explore the data types used by nodes to define objects and the types of data that can appear in the node fields and events.

Simulink 3D Animation Textures

Use Simulink 3D Animation texture files.

3D World Editor Library

The 3D World Editor includes a library of virtual world objects that you can insert into a virtual world.

Reduce Number of Polygons for Shapes

For a node that is, or includes, an IndexedFaceSet node, you can improve rendering speed by reducing the number of polygons.

Add Sound to a Virtual World

Add sound to a virtual world by using a Sound node.

Build and Connect a Virtual World

Create a simple virtual world and associate it with Simulink blocks.

Virtual World Navigation in 3D World Editor

Control viewing and navigation for the visual world in the 3D World Editor.

View a Virtual World in Stereoscopic Vision

View a virtual world using 3D effects, so that elements in the virtual world appear to come forward or back from the plane of the monitor.

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