Install V-Realm Editor on Host Computer

V-Realm Editor Installation (Windows)

When you install the Simulink® 3D Animation™ product, files are copied to your hard drive for the Ligos® V-Realm Builder, which is an optional VRML editor available on Windows® platforms. However, the installation is not complete.

Installing the VRML editor writes a key to the Microsoft® Windows registry, making extra V-Realm Builder library files available for you to use, and it associates the Edit button in Simulink 3D Animation blocks with this editor:

  1. Start the MATLAB® software.

  2. In the MATLAB Command Window, type

    -install editor 

    or type


    The MATLAB Command Window displays the following messages:

    Starting editor installation...
  3. Type


    If the editor installation was successful, The MATLAB Command Window displays the following message:

    VRML editor:    installed 

V-Realm Builder Help

    Note:   You cannot access the V-Realm Builder documentation from the Web. If you are reading this page on the Web, then you need to open the MATLAB Help browser and navigate to the V-Realm Builder documentation.

To access V-Realm Builder help from the MATLAB Help browser, click V-Realm Builder helpV-Realm Builder help.

You can view the V-Realm Builder help even if you have not installed V-Realm Builder.

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