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Install V-Realm Editor on Host Computer

    Tip:   The Simulink® 3D Animation™ product includes the 3D World Editor for editing virtual worlds. You can use the 3D World Editor on all supported platforms for Simulink 3D Animation. The 3D World Editor is the default editor. For a comparison of editors, see Virtual World Editors.

V-Realm Editor Installation on Windows Platforms

When you install the Simulink 3D Animation product, files are copied to your hard drive for the Ligos® V-Realm Builder, which is an optional virtual world editor available on Windows® platforms. However, the installation is not complete.

Installing the virtual world editor writes a key to the Microsoft® Windows registry, making extra V-Realm Builder library files available for you to use. The installation associates the Edit button in Simulink 3D Animation blocks with this editor:

  1. From your desktop, right-click the MATLAB® icon and select Run as administrator.

  2. In the MATLAB Command Window, type

    vrinstall -install

    or type


    The MATLAB Command Window displays the following messages:

    Starting editor installation...
  3. Type


    If the editor installation was successful, the MATLAB Command Window displays this message:

    Virtual World editor: installed 
  4. Exit MATLAB and restart MATLAB.

  5. Set the default editor to V-Realm Builder. In MATLAB, enter:

  6. To open a file in the V-Realm editor, in MATLAB navigate to a virtual world file, right-click, and select Edit.

      Note:   The vredit command opens the 3D World Editor, regardless of the default editor preference setting.

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