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Link Simscape Multibody Models

Simscape™ Multibody™ model association with virtual reality world

You can use the Simulink® 3D Animation™ product to view the behavior of a model created with the Simscape Multibody Link software.

  1. Build a model of a machine in the Simulink interface using Simscape Multibody Link blocks.

  2. Create a detailed visual representation of your machine in a virtual world.

  3. Connect the virtual world to the Simscape Multibody Link body sensor outputs.

  4. View the behavior of the bodies in a virtual world viewer.


vrphysmod Add virtual reality visualization framework to block diagrams


Link to Simulink and Simscape Multibody Models

Establish a live data connection between the model and the virtual world by creating associations between dynamic model object quantities and corresponding virtual world object properties.

Import VRML Models from CAD Tools

Import VRML models from CAD tools by converting your product assembly model into the VRML format used by the Simulink 3D Animation software. Most CAD tools have VRML export filters.

Modify the CAD Model Virtual World

Use the 3D World Editor or other editor to modify the results of CAD tool export filters manually.

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