Link Simulink Models

Link Simulink® model signals to a virtual reality world


VR Sink Write data from Simulink model to virtual world
VR Source Read data from virtual world to Simulink model
VR To Video Write data from Simulink model to virtual world (video output port enabled)
VR Tracer Trace trajectory of object in associated virtual scene
VR Text Output Allows display of Simulink signal values as text in VRML scene
VR Placeholder Send unspecified value to Simulink 3D Animation block
VR Signal Expander Expand input vectors into fully qualified VRML field vectors
Joystick Input Process input from asynchronous joystick device
Space Mouse Input Process input from space mouse device
Cross Product Cross product of two 3-D vectors
Normalize Vector Unit vector parallel to input vector
Rotation Between 2 Vectors VRML rotation between two 3-D vectors
Rotation Matrix to VRML Rotation Convert rotation matrix into representation used in VRML
Viewpoint Direction to VRML Orientation Convert viewpoint direction to VRML orientation


vrlib Open Simulink block library for Simulink 3D Animation
vrjoystick Create joystick object
vrspacemouse Create space mouse object
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