MATLAB Interaction

MATLAB® interaction with virtual reality worlds


vrworld Create new vrworld object associated with virtual world
vrdrawnow Update virtual world
vrclear Remove all closed virtual worlds from memory
vrwho List virtual worlds in memory
vrwhos List details about virtual worlds in memory
vrnode Create node or handle to existing node
vr.canvas Create virtual reality canvas
vr.canvas.capture Capture virtual reality canvas image
vrfigure Create virtual reality figure
vrfigure.capture Capture virtual reality figure image
vrfigure.close Close virtual reality figure
vrfigure.get Return property value of vrfigure object
vrfigure.isvalid Check validity of vrfigure object handles
vrfigure.set Set property values of vrfigure object
vrgcf Handle for active virtual reality figure
vrgcbf Current callback vrfigure object
vrclose Close virtual reality figure windows
vr.utils.stereo3d Stereoscopic vision settings for vr.canvas and vr.figure objects
vrdir2ori Convert viewpoint direction to orientation
vrori2dir Convert viewpoint orientation to direction
vrrotvec Calculate rotation between two vectors
vrrotmat2vec Convert rotation from matrix to axis-angle representation
vrrotvec2mat Convert rotation from axis-angle to matrix representation
vrifs2patch Convert virtual world IndexedFaceSet nodes to MATLAB patches
vrpatch2ifs Convert MATLAB patches to IndexedFaceSet nodes

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