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Open the Web Viewer

Set up for Remote Viewing

To enable a person on a remote computer to use a web browser to view a virtual world that is connected to a Simulink® model:

  1. In the Simulink 3D Animation™ Viewer, select Simulation > Block parameters > Allow viewing from the Internet.

    If the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer is the default viewer, you can open that viewer from the Simulink Editor by double-clicking the VR Sink block.

  2. Enable the Allow viewing from the Internet parameter.

Alternatively, to enable remote computers to view all opened virtual worlds with a web browser, in the MATLAB® Home tab, in the Environment section, use the Preferences > Simulink 3D Animation > Allow viewing from the Internet preference.

Connect the Web Viewer

  1. In Simulink 3D Animation, open the virtual world that you want to view.

  2. On the computer from which you want to open the Web Viewer, open an HTML5-enabled browser (supporting WebGL and WebSocket). The browser must have Javascript enabled.

  3. Connect to the local host HTTP port. To open the Web Viewer on:

    • The same computer on which Simulink 3D Animation runs, enter the following in your web browser: http://localhost:8123/

    • A remote computer that does not have Simulink 3D Animation, in the http://localhost:8123 URL, replace localhost with the HTTP port of the host computer.

      Note:   To change the HTTP port (for example, if a firewall blocks a port), set a different port number and restart MATLAB. To change the HTTP port, in the MATLAB Home tab, in the Environment section, use the Preferences > Simulink 3D Animation > HTTP Port> preference.

  4. In the Web Viewer, from the list of open virtual worlds, select the one that you want to view.

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