Simulink 3D Animation Product Description

Animate, visualize, and interact with models in 3D

Simulink® 3D Animation™ provides apps for linking Simulink models and MATLAB® algorithms to 3D graphics objects. It lets you visualize and verify dynamic system behavior in a virtual reality environment. Objects are represented in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), a standard 3D modeling language. You can animate a 3D world by changing position, rotation, scale, and other object properties during desktop or real-time simulation. You can also inject virtual sensor signals and access 3D animation data in Simulink or MATLAB for post-processing.

Simulink 3D Animation includes viewers for rendering and interacting with virtual scenes. With the 3D World Editor, you can author detailed scenes assembled from 3D models exported from CAD-based or web-based sources. You can incorporate multiple 3D scene views inside MATLAB figures and interact with these views via a force-feedback joystick, space mouse, or other hardware device.

Key Features

  • Simulink blocks and MATLAB apps and functions for connecting models to virtual reality worlds

  • 3D World Editor for authoring 3D worlds

  • Viewers for 3D model visualization

  • Video recording and animation playback

  • Visualization of real-time simulations

  • Remote access to simulations via standalone viewers or web browsers

  • Interaction with 3D views via a joystick, space mouse, or other hardware device

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