Open 3D World Editor


w = vredit
w = vredit(filename)


w = vredit opens the 3D World Editor with an empty virtual world.

w = vredit(filename) opens a virtual world file in the 3D World Editor, based on the specified filename. It returns the vrworld handle of the virtual world.

To open a virtual world file in a third-party editor, do not use the vredit command. For example, to open a virtual world in the Ligos® V-Realm Builder editor:

  1. Set the default editor to V-Realm Builder. In MATLAB®, enter:

  2. To open a file in the V-Realm editor, in MATLAB navigate to a virtual world file, right-click, and select Edit.

      Note:   The vredit command opens the 3D World Editor, regardless of the default editor preference setting.


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Open the membrane virtual world in the 3D World Editor.

myworld = vredit('membrane.wrl')
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