Field value of vrnode object


x = getfield(vrnode_object)
x = getfield(vrnode_object,'fieldname')



Name of a vrnode object representing the node to be queried.


Name of the vrnode object field whose values you want to query.


getfield(vrnode_object) displays all the field names and their current values for the respective VRML node.

x = getfield(vrnode_object), where vrnode_object is a scalar, returns a structure where each field name is the name of a vrnode field and each field contains the value of that field.

x = getfield(vrnode_object,'fieldname') returns the value of the specified field for the node referenced by the vrnode_object handle. If vrnode_object is a vector of vrnode handles, getfield returns an M-by-1 cell array of values, where M is equal to length(vrnode_object).

If 'fieldname' is a 1-by-N or N-by-1 cell array of strings containing field names, getfield returns an M-by-N cell array of values.

    Note   The dot notation is the preferred method for accessing nodes.

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