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Enable or disable synchronization of fields with client


sync(vrnode_object, 'field_name', 'action')



Name of a vrnode object representing the node.


Name of the field to be synchronized.


The action parameter determines what should be done:

  • 'on' enables synchronization of this field.

  • 'off' disables synchronization of this field.


The sync method controls whether the value of a field is synchronized.

When the field is marked 'on', the field value is updated every time it is changed on the client computer. If the field is marked 'off', the host computer ignores the changes on the client computer.

Synchronized fields add more traffic to the network line because the value of the field must be resent by the client any time it is changed. Because of this, you should mark for synchronization only the fields you need to scan for changes made on clients (typically sensors). By default, fields are not synchronized and their values reflect only settings from MATLAB® or the Simulink® software.

Synchronization is meaningful only for readable fields. Readable fields are of data class eventOut and exposedField. You cannot enable synchronization for eventIn or nonexposed fields.

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Introduced before R2006a

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