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Simulink Check Functions - By Category

Alphabetical List By Category

Check Model Compliance

Advisor.ApplicationRun Model Advisor across model hierarchy
Advisor.ManagerManage applications

Customize Model Checks

Create Model Advisor Checks

Advisor.authoring.CustomCheckDefine custom check
Advisor.authoring.DataFileInteract with data file for model configuration checks
ModelAdvisor.ActionAdd actions to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.CheckCreate custom checks
ModelAdvisor.PreferencesSet Model Advisor window preferences by specifying which folders and tabs to display
ModelAdvisor.GroupDefine custom folder
ModelAdvisor.InputParameterAdd input parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.ListViewParameterAdd list view parameters to custom checks
ModelAdvisor.ProcedureDefine custom procedures
ModelAdvisor.RootIdentify root node
ModelAdvisor.FormatTemplateTemplate for formatting Model Advisor analysis results
ModelAdvisor.ImageInclude image in Model Advisor output
ModelAdvisor.LineBreakInsert line break
ModelAdvisor.ListCreate list class
ModelAdvisor.ParagraphCreate and format paragraph
ModelAdvisor.TableCreate table
ModelAdvisor.TextCreate Model Advisor text output
Advisor.authoring.PositiveBlockParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported block parameter values
Advisor.authoring.NegativeBlockParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported block parameter values
Advisor.authoring.PositiveModelParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported model parameter values
Advisor.authoring.NegativeModelParameterConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported model parameter values
Advisor.authoring.PositiveBlockTypeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for supported block types
Advisor.authoring.NegativeBlockTypeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint to check for unsupported blocks
Advisor.authoring.CompositeConstraintCreate a Model Advisor constraint that checks for multiple constraints
Advisor.authoring.generateConfigurationParameterDataFileGenerate XML data file for custom configuration parameter check
Advisor.authoring.generateBlockConstraintsDataFileGenerate XML data file for custom check for block constraints
Advisor.authoring.createBlockConstraintCheckCreate Model Advisor check for registering block constraints
addPrequisiteConstraintIDCheck a prerequisite constraint object before the actual constraint object

Organize and Deploy Model Advisor Checks

ModelAdvisor.FactoryGroupDefine subfolder in By Task folder
ModelAdvisor.GroupDefine custom folder
ModelAdvisor.ProcedureDefine custom procedures
ModelAdvisor.TaskDefine custom tasks

Automate Model Advisor Check Execution

Advisor.ApplicationRun Model Advisor across model hierarchy
Advisor.ManagerManage applications
ModelAdvisor.lookupCheckIDLook up Model Advisor check ID
ModelAdvisor.runRun Model Advisor checks on systems
ModelAdvisor.summaryReportOpen Model Advisor Command-Line Summary report
viewView Model Advisor run results for checks
viewReportView Model Advisor run results for systems

Collect Model Metrics

slmetric.EngineCollect metric data on models or model components
slmetric.metric.ResultMetric data for specified model component and metric algorithm
slmetric.metric.ResultCollectionMetric data for specified model metric
slmetric.metric.ResultDetail Details about instances of slmetric.metric.Result objects
Advisor.component.ComponentCreate component for metric analysis
Advisor.component.TypesCreate enum class specifying component type
slmetric.metric.MetricAbstract class for creating model metrics
metricsdashboardOpen Metrics Dashboard
slmetric.metric.getAvailableMetricsObtain available metrics
slmetric.metric.createNewMetricClassCreate new metric class for a custom model metric
slmetric.metric.registerMetricRegister a custom model metric with the model metric repository
slmetric.metric.unregisterMetricUnregister a custom model metric from the model metric repository
slmetric.metric.refreshUpdate available model metrics

Refactor Models

mdltransformerOpen Model Transformer
clonedetectionOpen Identify Modeling Clones tool
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