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Simulink Control Design Examples

Exact Linearization

Trimming and Linearizing Simulink ModelsScript
Specifying Custom Linearizations for Simulink BlocksScript
Linearization of Models with DelaysModel
Computing Operating Point Snapshots at Triggered EventsModel
Linearization of Multirate ModelsModel
Linearization Using Different Rate Conversion MethodsScript
Linearization of Models with Model ReferencesScript
More Efficient Batch Linearization Varying ParametersScript
Batch Linearization to Obtain Multiple Transfer Functions for Varied Parameter ValuesScript
Plotting Linear System Characteristics of a Chemical ReactorModel
Specifying Linearization for Model Components Using System IdentificationScript

Frequency Response Estimation

Frequency Response Estimation Using Simulation-Based TechniquesModel
Linearization Validation in Frequency Domain Using FRESTIMATEModel
Describing Function Analysis of Nonlinear Simulink ModelsModel
Speeding Up Frequency Response Estimation Using Parallel ComputingModel

Automatic PID Tuning

PID Controller Tuning in SimulinkScript
Design a PID Controller Using Simulated I/O DataScript
Designing a Simulink PID Controller (2DOF) Block for a ReactorScript
Designing PID Controller in Simulink with Estimated Frequency ResponseScript
Designing a Family of PID Controllers for Multiple Operating PointsScript

Design and Analysis of Control Systems

Single Loop Feedback/Prefilter Compensator DesignModel
Cascaded Multi-Loop/Multi-Compensator Feedback DesignModel
Automated Tuning of Fixed Structure Control SystemsScript
Automated Multi-Loop Control of a HelicopterScript
Reference Tracking of a DC Motor with Parameter VariationsModel
Modeling Computational Delay and Sampling EffectsModel
Tuning Simulink Blocks in the Compensator EditorModel
Tuning Custom Masked SubsystemsModel

Model Verification

Verifying Frequency-Domain Characteristics of an AircraftModel

Application Examples

Trimming and Linearizing an AirframeModel
Linearization of an Engine Speed ModelModel
Linearization of Pneumatic System at Simulation SnapshotsModel
Linearization of a Conveyor ModelModel
Linearization of a Pulp Paper ProcessModel
Regulating Pressure in a Drum BoilerModel
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