Simulink Control Design Product Description

Linearize models and design control systems

Simulink® Control Design™ lets you design and analyze control systems modeled in Simulink. You can automatically tune arbitrary SISO and MIMO control architectures, including PID controllers. PID autotuning can be deployed to embedded software for automatically computing PID gains in real time.

You can find operating points and compute exact linearizations of Simulink models at various operating conditions. Simulink Control Design provides tools that let you compute simulation-based frequency responses without modifying your model.

Key Features

  • Automatic tuning of PID, gain-scheduled, and arbitrary SISO and MIMO control systems in Simulink

  • PID autotuning algorithm deployable to embedded software

  • Operating-point calculation (trimming) and model linearization

  • Frequency response estimation from simulation data

  • Batch linearization for varying parameters and operating points

  • Numerical optimization of compensators to meet time-domain and frequency-domain requirements (with Simulink Design Optimization™)

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