Operating Points

Find model operating point from specification (trimming) or simulation time, initialize model at operating point

An operating point of a dynamic system specifies the initial states and root-level input signals of the model at a particular time. You can find operating points using command-line tools or the Linear Analysis Tool. For more information about operating points, see About Operating Points and Computing Steady-State Operating Points.


findop Steady-state operating point from specifications (trimming) or simulation
operpoint Create operating point for Simulink model
operspec Operating point specifications
initopspec Initialize operating point specification values
addoutputspec Add output specification to operating point specification
update Update operating point object with structural changes in model
getinputstruct Input structure from operating point
getstatestruct State structure from operating point
findopOptions Set options for finding operating points from specifications


Trigger-Based Operating Point Snapshot Generate operating points, linearizations, or both at triggered events
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