Change Operating Point Search Optimization Settings

This example shows how to control the accuracy of your operating point search by configuring the optimization algorithm.

Typically, you adjust the optimization settings based on the operating point search report, which is automatically created after each search.

 Code Alternative

  1. In the Linear Analysis Tool, open the Linear Analysis tab. In the Operating Point drop-down list, click Trim Model.

  2. In the Trim the model dialog box, select the Options tab.

  3. Configure your operating point search by selecting an optimization method and changing the appropriate settings.

    This table lists the most common optimization settings.

Optimization StatusOption to ChangeComment
Optimization ends before completing (too few iterations)Maximum iterationsIncrease the number of iterations
State derivative or error in output constraint is too largeFunction tolerance or Constraint tolerance (depending on selected algorithm)Decrease the tolerance value


You can get help on each option by right-clicking the option label and selecting What's This?.

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