Choosing a Control Design Approach

Simulink® Control Design™ provides several approaches to tuning Simulink blocks, such as Transfer function and PID Controller blocks:

  • PID Controller Tuning lets you automatically tune feedback loops containing PID Controller or PID Controller 2DOF blocks.

  • Use automated tuning or graphical design approaches to tune SISO feedback loops containing any tunable Simulink blocks. See SISO Loop Tuning.

  • If you have Robust Control Toolbox™ software, you can tune Simulink models of control systems having any structure to meet design requirements you specify. See Control System Tuning.

Use the following table to determine which approach best supports what you want to do.

 PID TuningSISO Loop TuningControl System Tuning (requires Robust Control Toolbox software)
Supported BlocksPID Controller
PID Controller 2DOF
Linear blocksAny blocks; only some are automatically parameterized (See How Tuned Simulink Blocks Are Parameterized in the Robust Control Toolbox documentation)
Loop StructurePID loops with unit feedbackControl systems having one or more SISO feedback loopsAny structure, including SISO or MIMO feedback loops
Control Design ApproachSimple automatic PID gain tuning by specifying system response time and transient response

Graphically tune poles and zeros on design plots, such as Bode, root locus, and Nichols

Use a PID, LQG, IMC, Robust Control Loop Shaping, and Simulink Design Optimization automated tuning method

Automatic tuning to meet design requirements you specify, such as setpoint tracking, stability margins, disturbance rejection, and loop shaping
Analysis of Control System Performance

Time and frequency response for reference tracking and disturbance rejection

Any combination of responses for any input reference or disturbance in your Simulink modelAny combination of system responses
InterfaceGraphical interface of PID TunerGraphical interface of Control System Designer (SISO Design GUI) and

Linear System Analyzer

  • Graphical interface using Control System Tuner

  • Programmatic interface using slTuner

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