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Package: frest

Step input signal


input = frest.createStep('OptionName',OptionValue)


input = frest.createStep('OptionName',OptionValue) creates a step input signal as a MATLAB® timeseries object using the options specified by comma-separated name/value pairs.

Plot your input signal using plot(input).

Input Arguments


Signal characteristics, specified as comma-separated option name and option value pairs.

Option NameOption Value
'Ts'Sample time of the step input in seconds.

Default: 1e-3
'StepTime'Time in seconds when the output jumps from 0 to the StepSize parameter.

Default: 1
'StepSize'Value of the step signal after time reaches and exceeds the StepTime parameter.

Default: 1
'FinalTimeFinal time of the step input signal in seconds.

Default: 10


Create step signal:

input = frest.createStep('StepTime',3,'StepSize',2)

Introduced in R2009b

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