Package: frest

List of model path dependencies


dirs = frest.findDepend(model)


dirs = frest.findDepend(model) returns paths containing Simulink® model dependencies required for frequency response estimation using parallel computing. model is the Simulink model to estimate. dirs is a cell array, where each element is a path string. dirs is empty when frest.findDepend does not detect any model dependencies. Append paths to dirs when the list of paths is empty or incomplete.

frest.findDepend does not return a complete list of model dependency paths when the dependencies are undetectable.


Specify model path dependencies for parallel computing:

% Copy referenced model to temporary folder.
pathToLib = scdpathdep_setup;   

% Add folder to search path.

% Open Simulink model.
mdl = 'scdpathdep';

% Get model dependency paths.
dirs = frest.findDepend(mdl)

% The resulting path is on a local drive, C:/.
% Replace C:/ with valid network path accessible to remote workers.
dirs = regexprep(dirs,'C:/','\\\\hostname\\C$\\')

% Enable parallel computing and specify the model path dependencies.
options = frestimateOptions('UseParallel','on','ParallelPathDependencies',dirs)

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