Generate MATLAB Code for Operating Point Configuration

This topic shows how to generate MATLAB® code from the Linear Analysis Tool for operating point configuration. You can generate a MATLAB script to programmatically reproduce a result that you obtained interactively. You can also modify the script to compute multiple operating points with systematic variations in operating point specifications (batch computing).

To generate MATLAB code for configuring operating points:

  1. In the Linear Analysis Tool, in the Linear Analysis tab, in the Operating Points drop-down list, click Trim Model.

  2. In the Trim the model dialog box, in the Specifications tab, configure the operating point state, input, and output specifications.

  3. In the Options tab, specify search optimization settings.

  4. Click Generate MATLAB Script to generate code that creates an operating point using your specifications and search options.

    You can examine the generated code in the MATLAB Editor. To modify the script to perform batch operating point computation, see Batch Compute Steady-State Operating Points Reusing Generated MATLAB Code.

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