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Linearize Plant

This example shows how to use the Linear Analysis Tool to linearize a plant subsystem at the model operating point. The model operating point consists of the model initial state values and input signals.

Use this simpler approach instead of defining linearization I/O points when the plant is a subsystem or a block.

 Code Alternative

  1. Open a Simulink® model.

    sys = 'watertank';
  2. Open the Linear Analysis Tool for linearizing the Water-Tank System block.

    In the Simulink model window, right-click the Water-Tank System block and select Linear Analysis > Linearize Block.

    Linear Analysis Tool opens with the Water-Tank System block already specified as the Analysis I/O for linearization.

      Tip:   When the Analysis I/O specified in Linear Analysis Tool is a block, highlight the block in the model by selecting the view option from the Analysis I/Os drop-down list. For example, to highlight the Water-Tank System block, select View Water-Tank System.

  3. Linearize the Water-Tank System block and generate a Bode plot of the linearized model.

    Click Bode.

    The Bode plot of the linearized plant appears.

    The linearization result, linsys1, appears in the Linear Analysis Workspace. Drag and drop linsys1 from the Linear Analysis Workspace to the MATLAB Workspace to export it to the base workspace for further analysis.

  4. Close the Simulink model.


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