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Adaptive Lookup Tables

Estimate time-varying data during simulation using adaptive lookup tables


Adaptive Lookup Table (1D Stair-Fit) One-dimensional adaptive table lookup
Adaptive Lookup Table (2D Stair-Fit) Two-dimensional adaptive table lookup
Adaptive Lookup Table (nD Stair-Fit) Adaptive lookup table of arbitrary dimension

Examples and How To

Model Engine Using n-D Adaptive Lookup Table

Modeling a system using Adaptive Lookup Table.


What are Adaptive Lookup Tables?

Difference between static and adaptive lookup tables.

Building Models Using Adaptive Lookup Table Blocks

Simulink® Design Optimization™ software provides blocks for modeling systems as adaptive lookup tables.

Selecting an Adaptation Method

Details about the Sample Mean and Sample Mean with Forgetting adaptation methods.

Using Adaptive Lookup Tables in Real-Time Environment

Application of adaptive lookup tables in real-time.

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