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Control Design in MATLAB

Specify time- and frequency-domain requirements, tune controller parameters such as gains (requires Control System Toolbox™)

Examples and How To

Design Optimization-Based Controllers for LTI Systems

This topic shows how to design optimization-based linear controllers for an LTI model.

Optimize LTI System to Meet Frequency-Domain Requirements

This example shows how to use frequency-domain design requirements to optimize the response of an LTI system in the Control System Designer app.

Design Optimization-Based PID Controller for Linearized Simulink Model (GUI)

Design a linear controller using optimization-based tuning in the Control System Designer app.


When to Use Optimization-Based Linear Control Design

Design and optimize control systems for LTI models by optimizing controller parameters in the Control System Designer app.

Time- and Frequency-Domain Requirements in Control System Designer App

If you specify a settling time in the continuous-time root locus, a vertical line appears on the root locus plot at the pole locations associated with the value provided (using a first-order approximation).

Edit Design Requirements

The Edit Design Requirement dialog box allows you to exactly position constraint segments and to edit other properties of these constraints.

Time-Domain Simulations in Control System Designer App

Handling of model simulation start and end times when performing optimization-based tuning in the Control System Designer app.

Design Linear Controllers for Simulink Models

When you have Control System Toolbox and Simulink® Control Design™ software, you can perform frequency-domain optimization of Simulink models.

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