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Simulink Design Optimization Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
copy Copy requirement
get Get property values
getbounds Get bounds specified in Check block
makedist Create probability distribution object
param.Continuous Continuous parameter
param.Continuous.isreal Determine if parameter value, minimum and maximum are real
param.State Specify tuning parameters for model states
sdo.analyze Analyze how model parameters influence cost function
sdo.AnalyzeOptions Analysis options for sdo.analyze
sdo.evaluate Evaluate cost function for samples
sdo.EvaluateOptions Cost function evaluation options for sdo.evaluate
sdo.Experiment Specify experiment I/O data, model parameters, and initial-state values
sdo.Experiment.createSimulator Create simulation object from experiment to compare measured and simulated data
sdo.Experiment.getValuesToEstimate Get model initial states and parameters for estimation from experiment
sdo.Experiment.setEstimatedValues Update experiments with estimated model initial states and parameter values
sdo.getModelDependencies List of model file and path dependencies
sdo.getParameterFromModel Design variable for optimization
sdo.getStateFromModel Initial state for estimation from Simulink model
sdo.getValueFromModel Get design variable value from model
sdo.optimize Design optimization problem solution
sdo.OptimizeOptions Optimization options
sdo.ParameterSpace Specify probability distributions for model parameters
sdo.ParameterSpace.addParameter Add parameter to sdo.ParameterSpace object
sdo.ParameterSpace.removeParameter Remove parameter from sdo.ParameterSpace object
sdo.ParameterSpace.setDistribution Set distribution of parameter in sdo.ParameterSpace object
sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude Bode magnitude bound
sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude.evalRequirement Evaluate Bode magnitude bound for linear system
sdo.requirements.ClosedLoopPeakGain Closed loop peak gain bound
sdo.requirements.ClosedLoopPeakGain.evalRequirement Evaluate peak gain bound for linear system
sdo.requirements.FunctionMatching Impose function matching constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.FunctionMatching.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of function matching requirement
sdo.requirements.GainPhaseMargin Gain and phase margin bounds
sdo.requirements.GainPhaseMargin.evalRequirement Evaluate gain and phase margin bounds for linear system
sdo.requirements.MonotonicVariable Impose monotonic constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.MonotonicVariable.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of monotonic variable requirement
sdo.requirements.OpenLoopGainPhase Nichols response bound
sdo.requirements.OpenLoopGainPhase.evalRequirement Evaluate gain and phase bounds on Nichols response of linear system
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneEllipse Impose elliptic bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneEllipse.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of elliptical bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneRegion Impose region bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneRegion.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of piecewise-linear bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatio Damping ratio bound
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatio.evalRequirement Evaluate damping ratio bound on linear system
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatio.getOvershoot Convert damping ratio to equivalent overshoot value
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatio.setOvershoot Set overshoot to an equivalent damping ratio
sdo.requirements.PZNaturalFrequency Natural frequency bound
sdo.requirements.PZNaturalFrequency.evalRequirement Evaluate natural frequency bound on linear system
sdo.requirements.PZSettlingTime Settling time bound
sdo.requirements.PZSettlingTime.evalRequirement Evaluate settling time bound on linear system
sdo.requirements.RelationalConstraint Impose relational constraint on pair of variables
sdo.requirements.RelationalConstraint.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of relational constraint requirement
sdo.requirements.SignalBound Piecewise-linear amplitude bound
sdo.requirements.SignalBound.evalRequirement Evaluate piecewise-linear bound
sdo.requirements.SignalTracking Reference signal to track
sdo.requirements.SignalTracking.evalRequirement Evaluate tracking requirement
sdo.requirements.SingularValue Singular value bound
sdo.requirements.SingularValue.evalRequirement Evaluate singular value bound on linear system
sdo.requirements.SmoothnessConstraint Impose bounds on gradient magnitude of variable
sdo.requirements.SmoothnessConstraint.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of smoothness constraint requirement
sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope Step response bound on signal
sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope.evalRequirement Evaluate satisfaction of step response requirement
sdo.sample Generate parameter samples
sdo.SampleOptions Parameter sampling options for sdo.sample
sdo.scatterPlot Scatter plot of samples
sdo.setCheckBlockEnabled Enable or disable all check blocks in model
sdo.setValueInModel Set design variable value in model
sdo.SimulationTest Simulation scenario description
sdo.SimulationTest.fastRestart Simulate Simulink model in fast restart mode using simulation scenario
sdo.SimulationTest.find Find logged data set
sdo.SimulationTest.sim Simulate Simulink model using simulation scenario
sdo.SimulationTest.who List logged data names
sdo.SystemLoggingInfo Specify linear system logging information
sdoupdate Update model containing Signal Constraint block
set Set property values
truncate Truncate probability distribution object
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