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Supported Data

You can estimate model parameters and initial conditions of single or multiple input and output Simulink® models from transient data. You measure transient data when the system is not in steady-state to capture the system dynamics expected under normal operating conditions. For example, the response of a system to step or impulse inputs is transient data.

Simulink Design Optimization™ software lets you estimate model parameters from the following types of data:

Using complex data for parameter estimation is not directly supported. See Importing Complex Data into the GUI.

Simulink Design Optimization software estimates model parameters by comparing the transient data with simulation data generated from the Simulink model. Using optimization techniques, the software estimates the parameters and initial conditions of states to minimize a user-selected cost function. The cost function typically calculates a least-square error between the measured and simulated data. To learn more, see Estimate Parameters from Measured Data (GUI).

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