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Get bounds specified in Check block


bnds = getbounds(blockpath)


bnds = getbounds(blockpath) returns the bounds specified in the Check block specified by blockpath.

Input Arguments


Check block to get bounds from, specified as a full block path inside single quotes (' '). A block path is of the form model/subsystem/block that uniquely identifies a block in the model. The Simulink® model must be open.

Output Arguments


Cell array. The number of elements and objects they contain depends on the Check block type.

    Note:   Programmatically changing the bound values in the object returned does not update them in the Block Parameters dialog box.


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Retrieve bounds from a Check Step Response Characteristics block.

allBlkReq = getbounds('sldo_model1_stepblk/Step Response');

Type allBlkReq{1} to view the cell array element.

ans = 

  StepResponseEnvelope with properties:

         InitialValue: 0
           FinalValue: 1
             StepTime: 0
             RiseTime: 5
          PercentRise: 80
         SettlingTime: 7
      PercentSettling: 1.0000
     PercentOvershoot: 10.0000
    PercentUndershoot: 1
                 Type: '<='
                 Name: ''
          Description: ''
            TimeUnits: 'seconds'

Introduced in R2011b

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