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Update model containing Signal Constraint block


session = sdoupdate(modelname)


sdoupdate(modelname) replaces Signal Constraint blocks in a Simulink® model with equivalent blocks from the Signal Constraints library. If the model has an associated response optimization project, this command replaces it with a session that you can use with the Response Optimization tool, after prompting you to update. The model must be open.

sdoupdate(modelname,noprompt) updates the response optimization project without prompting you.

session = sdoupdate(modelname) returns the Response Optimization tool session.

Input Arguments


Simulink model name, specified as a character vector or string. For example, 'sldo_model1'.


Whether to prompt you about updating the response optimization project (false) or not (true).

Default: false

Output Arguments


Response Optimization tool session name.

Introduced in R2011b

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