Sensitivity Analysis

Analyze cost function sensitivity to model parameters using Design of Experiments (DOE), Monte Carlo, and correlation techniques

Both parameter estimation and response optimization require the software to optimize a cost function. Use sensitivity analysis to understand how the parameters and states of a model influence the cost function. To learn more about sensitivity analysis and its applications, see What Is Sensitivity Analysis?


sdo.getParameterFromModel Design variable for optimization
sdo.getStateFromModel Initial state for estimation from Simulink model
sdo.sample Generate parameter samples
sdo.evaluate Evaluate cost function for samples
sdo.analyze Analyze how model parameters influence cost function
sdo.scatterPlot Scatter plot of samples
sdo.getModelDependencies List of model file and path dependencies
makedist Create probability distribution object


sdo.ParameterSpace Specify probability distributions for model parameters
sdo.SimulationTest Simulation scenario description
sdo.EvaluateOptions Cost function evaluation options for sdo.evaluate
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