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Specify Design Requirements

Add and edit design requirements, such as lower and upper amplitude bounds, step response characteristics, reference signals, and custom requirements

Graphical Tools

Response Optimization Tool Optimize model response to satisfy design requirements, test model robustness


Check Against Reference Check that model signal tracks reference signal during simulation
Check Custom Bounds Check that signal satisfies upper and lower bounds during simulation
Check Step Response Characteristics Check that model signal satisfies step response bounds during simulation


sdo.requirements.SignalBound Piecewise-linear amplitude bound
sdo.requirements.SignalTracking Reference signal to track
sdo.requirements.StepResponseEnvelope Step response bound on signal
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneEllipse Impose elliptic bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.PhasePlaneRegion Impose region bound on phase plane trajectory of two signals
sdo.requirements.FunctionMatching Impose function matching constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.MonotonicVariable Impose monotonic constraint on variable
sdo.requirements.RelationalConstraint Impose relational constraint on pair of variables
sdo.requirements.SmoothnessConstraint Impose bounds on gradient magnitude of variable
sdo.requirements.BodeMagnitude Bode magnitude bound
sdo.requirements.ClosedLoopPeakGain Closed loop peak gain bound
sdo.requirements.GainPhaseMargin Gain and phase margin bounds
sdo.requirements.OpenLoopGainPhase Nichols response bound
sdo.requirements.PZDampingRatio Damping ratio bound
sdo.requirements.PZNaturalFrequency Natural frequency bound
sdo.requirements.PZSettlingTime Settling time bound
sdo.requirements.SingularValue Singular value bound
sdoupdate Update model containing Signal Constraint block
getbounds Get bounds specified in Check block
sdo.setCheckBlockEnabled Enable or disable all check blocks in model


Supported Design Requirements

Time- and frequency-domain requirements.

Specify Time-Domain Design Requirements in the Tool

Specify time-domain requirements such as lower and upper amplitude bounds, step response bounds, reference signals, elliptical bounds, and custom bounds.

Specify Variable Requirements in the Tool

Specify monotonic, smoothness, and relational constraints on variables in your model.

Specify Frequency-Domain Design Requirements in the Tool

Specify frequency-domain requirements, such as gain and phase margin bounds, closed-loop peak response bounds, step-response bounds, and custom bounds.

Specify Custom Requirements in the Tool

This topic shows how to specify custom requirements in the Response Optimization tool.

Move Constraints

Position bound edges graphically or by specifying a location.

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