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Compare Residuals

The residuals plot shows the difference between the simulated response and measured data. To indicate a good fit between the simulated output and measured data, the residuals:

  • Should lie within a small percent of the maximum output variation

  • Should not display any systematic patterns

After you have compared the measured and simulated responses for an estimation, as described in Compare Measured and Simulated Responses, examine the residuals. Select Residuals as the Plot Type for Plot 2 in the New Validation pane. In the Options area, select the Plot 2 check box and click Show Plots. The following figure shows the resulting residuals plot.

Plot of Residuals Using the Validation Data

Compare the validation data residuals with the original data set residuals from the Views node in the Workspace tree. To create the plot of residuals for the original data set, select the New View node and choose Residuals as the Plot Type.

Plot of Residuals Using the Test Data

The plot on the left agrees with the plot of the residuals for the validation data. The right side has no plot because residuals were not calculated for the validation data during the original estimation process.

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