Designing Linear Controllers for Simulink Models

When you have Control System Toolbox™ and Simulink® Control Design™ software, you can perform frequency-domain optimization of Simulink models.

You can use Simulink Control Design software to configure SISO Design Tool with compensators, inputs, outputs, and loops computed from a Simulink model. For more information, see Creating a SISO Design Task in Simulink Control Design documentation.

After you configure the SISO Design Tool, use Simulink Design Optimization™ software to optimize the controller parameters of the linearized Simulink model. For an example of optimization-based control design for a model linearized using Simulink Control Design software, see Design Optimization-Based PID Controller for Linearized Simulink Model (GUI).

There is only one difference when tuning compensators derived from Simulink Control Design software: The tuning of compensators from a Simulink model is done through the masks of the Simulink blocks representing each compensator. When selecting parameters to optimize, users can tune the compensator in the pole, zero, or gain format, or in a format consistent with the Simulink block mask as shown in the following figure. Changing the compensator format is not possible when optimizing pure SISO Tool models (those not derived using Simulink Control Design software).

Mask of a Simulink compensator block

Response optimization compensators pane

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