Estimation Sessions

Structure of an Estimation Session

The Parameter Estimation tool, which is a tool for performing parameter estimation and validation, stores and organizes data from a given Simulink® model inside a session. To open the Parameter Estimation tool, select Analysis > Parameter Estimation in the Simulink model window.

When using the Parameter Estimation tool, you can:

  • Manage estimation sessions

  • Select parameters and initial conditions to configure the estimation

  • Specify cost functions

  • Import signal data (to be matched by the input and output of your Simulink model)

  • Specify the initial conditions of your model

Each estimation session can include:

  • One or more estimation or validation experiments

  • Parameter information

  • Different settings or configurations for each experiment

The default session name is the same as the Simulink model name. The session name is shown on the title pane of Parameter Estimation tool.

Save Parameter Estimation Tool Sessions

To save your session as a MAT-file, click Save Session drop down list on the Parameter Estimation tab.

You have the options to browse to the location where you want to save the session using the Save to file option, or save to model workspace or MATLAB® workspace.

Load Parameter Estimation Tool Sessions

To open previously saved sessions, click the Open Session drop-down menu.

You have the option to browse to where the session file is, or open a session from model workspace or the MATLAB workspace. All sessions are MAT-files.

Load Legacy Projects

You can open legacy projects that are in MAT-files by selecting Open from file from the Open Session drop-down list. The Parameter Estimation tool recognizes and converts them into the new session format.

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