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Save and Load Estimation Sessions

This topic shows how to save and load estimation sessions in the Parameter Estimation tool.

Structure of an Estimation Session

The Parameter Estimation tool stores and organizes data from a given Simulink® model inside a session. An estimation session includes the following information:

  • One or more estimation or validation experiments along with their configurations

  • Parameter information

  • Estimation results

  • Estimation settings

  • Plots — Changes to plots layout and plot characteristics, such as axis limits, line colors, are not included.

The default session name is the same as the Simulink model name. The session name is shown on the title pane of the Parameter Estimation tool.

Save Parameter Estimation Tool Sessions

Saving a session lets you reuse your estimation settings and results later. You can save the session as a MAT-file or workspace variable:

  • To save the session as a MAT-file, in the Parameter Estimation tab, in the Save Session drop-down list, click Save to file. A window opens where you specify the MAT-file name.

  • To save the session as a model or MATLAB® workspace variable, select Save to model workspace or Save to MATLAB workspace in the Save Session drop-down list.

Load Parameter Estimation Tool Sessions

To load a previously saved MAT-file or workspace sessions:

  1. Open a Parameter Estimation tool for the model.

  2. To load a MAT-file, in the Parameter Estimation tab click the Open Session drop-down list, and select Open from file. A window opens where you select the MAT-file to load.

    To load a workspace variable, select Open from model workspace or Open from MATLAB workspace in the Open Session drop-down list.

Load Legacy Projects

Open legacy projects that are in MAT-files by selecting Open from file from the Open Session drop-down list. The Parameter Estimation tool recognizes and converts them into the new session format.

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