How to Design Optimization-Based Controllers for LTI Systems

To design optimization-based linear controller for an LTI model:

  1. Create and import a linear model into a SISO Design Task. You can create an LTI model at the MATLAB® command line, as described in Creating an LTI Plant Model.

  2. Create a SISO Design Task with design and analysis plots, as described in Creating Design and Analysis Plots.

    To learn more about SISO Design Tool, see Using the SISO Design Task in the Controls & Estimation Tools Manager in the Control System Toolbox™ documentation.

  3. Under Automated Tuning select Optimization based tuning as the Design Method and then click the Optimize Compensators button to create a Response Optimization task within the Control and Estimation Tools Manager. See Creating a Response Optimization Task for more information.

  4. Within the Response Optimization node, select the Compensators pane to select and configure the compensator elements you want to tune during the response optimization. See Selecting Tunable Compensator Elements for more information.

      Note:   Compensator elements or parameters cannot have uncertainty when used with frequency-domain based response optimization.

  5. Under Design requirements in the Response Optimization node, select the design requirements you want the system to satisfy. See Adding Design Requirements for more information.

  6. Click the Start Optimization button within the Response Optimization node. The optimization progress results appear under Optimization. The Compensators pane contains the new, optimized compensator element values. See Optimizing the System's Response for more information.

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