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How to Estimate Lookup Table Values

You can use lookup table Simulink® blocks to approximate a system's behavior, as described in About Lookup Table Blocks (Simulink) in the Simulink documentation. After you build your system using lookup tables, you can use Simulink Design Optimization™ software to estimate the table values from measured I/O data.

Estimating lookup table values is an example of estimating parameters which are matrices or multi-dimensional arrays. The workflow for estimating parameters of a lookup table consist of the following tasks:

  1. Creating a Simulink model using lookup table blocks.

  2. Importing the measured input and output (I/O) data from which you want to estimate the table values.

  3. Analyzing and preparing the I/O data for estimation.

  4. Estimating the lookup table values.

  5. Validating the estimated table values using a validation data set.

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