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Progress Plots

Types of Plots

You can choose the plot type from the Plot Type drop-down list. The following types of plots are available for viewing and evaluating the estimation:

  • Cost function — Plot the cost function values.

  • Measured and simulated — Plot empirical data against simulated data.

  • Parameter sensitivity — Plot the rate of change of the cost function as a function of the change in the parameter. That is, plot the derivative of the cost function with respect to the parameter being varied.

  • Parameter trajectory — Plot the parameter values as they change.

  • Residuals — Plot the error between the experimental data and the simulated output.

Basic Steps for Creating Plots

Before you begin estimating the parameters, you must create the plots for viewing the progress of the estimation.

    Note:   An estimation must be created before creating views. Otherwise, the Options table will be empty. To learn more, see Creating an Estimation Task.

To create plots for viewing the estimation progress, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click the Views node in the Control and Estimation Tools Manager and select New.

  2. In the Workspace tree, select New View to open the View Setup pane.

  3. In the Select plot types table, select the Plot Type from the drop-down list. In this example, select Cost function.

  4. Select Measured and simulated as the Plot Type for Plot 2. Use this plot to validated the estimated parameters.

  5. In the Options area, select the check-box for both Plot 1 and Plot 2.

  6. Click Show Plots. This displays an empty cost function plot and a plot of the measured data.

When you perform the estimation, the plot updates automatically.

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