Ways to Preprocess Data

In the Parameter Estimation tool, after importing the estimation data as described in Import Data, you can perform the following preprocessing operations:

  • Extract Data — Exclude a portion of the data from the estimation process. You can select the data to exclude graphically or by specifying a start time and end time.

  • Resample Data –– Resample data using zero-order hold or linear interpolation.

  • Replace Data –– Replace data with a constant value, region initial value, region final value, or a line. You can use this functionality to replace outliers.

  • Remove Offset — Remove mean values, a constant value, or an initial value from the data.

  • Scale Data — Scale data by a constant value, signal maximum value, or signal initial value.

  • Filter — Smooth data using a low-pass, high-pass, or band-pass filter.

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