Execute Real-Time Application in External Mode

After you build the real-time application, you can run your model in real time.

This procedure uses the model sldrtex_model (matlab: open_system(docpath(fullfile(docroot, 'toolbox', 'sldrt', 'examples', 'sldrtex_model')))). It assumes that you have already created a real-time application from that model.

In external mode, you execute your real-time application to observe the behavior of your model in real time with the generated code. You cannot run a real-time application in Rapid Accelerator mode.

  • To allow exchange of commands, parameters, and logged data, establish a connection between your Simulink® model and the kernel.

  • Run the application in real time.

  1. To set external mode, select Simulation > Mode > External.

  2. To start real-time application execution, on the toolbar, click the Run button .

  3. To stop the simulation before the end, click the Stop button .

In this example, the Scope window displays 1000 samples in 1 second, increases the time offset, and then displays the samples for the next 1 second.

Transfer of data is less critical than calculating the signal outputs at the selected sample interval. Therefore, data transfer runs at a lower priority in the CPU time that remains after real-time application computations are performed. As a result, data points can be omitted from the Scope block display.

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