Simulate Model in Real-Time Normal Mode

You can use Simulink® normal mode to run a real-time simulation. This procedure uses the model sldrtex_model (matlab: open_system(docpath(fullfile(docroot, 'toolbox', 'sldrt', 'examples', 'sldrtex_model')))). It assumes that you have loaded that model.

  1. In the Simulink window, double-click the Scope block.

    The Simulink software opens a Scope window with an empty graph.

  2. Select Simulation > Mode > Normal.

  3. In your Simulink Desktop Real-Time™ model, set values for the Sample Time and Maximum Missed Ticks block parameters to prevent missed ticks.

  4. To begin simulation, on the toolbar, click the Run button .

    The Simulink software runs the simulation and plots the signal data in the Scope window.

  5. To stop the simulation before the end, click the Stop button .

    The real-time application stops running, and the Scope window stops displaying the output signals.

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