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Use Vector CAN Drivers

Before you can use the Vector Informatik CAN devices, you must install the drivers for them.

  1. Install the Vector CAN devices. See the Vector Informatik GmbH documentation for installation instructions for hardware devices such as CANcaseXL, CANboardXL, and CANcardXL, drivers, and support libraries.

  2. Install the Vector XL driver library for the Windows® XP, Windows Vista™, or Windows 7 operating systems. If you do not have this library, download it from the Vector Informatik GmbH website:

  3. Install the driver file.

  4. Copy the vxlapi.dll file into the Windows system root\system32 folder.

  5. Use the Vector software to assign physical CAN channels to an application. When specifying the name for the Simulink® Desktop Real-Time™ application, use the name MATLAB.

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